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Chelsea Tractors

by: Benson_browns

Historically 4x4 and SUV vehicles were used by farmers and agricultural personnel. Of late though, BMW X5s, Audi Q7s and Range Rovers have become as common as a normal medium sized family car. You may have noticed that there are much more female owners and drivers of 4x4s, whereas historically women would have shied away from such large cars.

With the increase of popularity of these large SUV type vehicles demand for a used Land Rover in Surrey has increased immensely. As well as standard models, third part companies have got involved in modifying and making SUVs unique to the owner. Afzal Kahn and his team at Project Kahn are heavily involved in modifying Land Rover models.

Bespoke and modified Land Rovers are not just limited to the popular Ranger Rover and Range Rover Sport; Afzal Kahn has recently released an “enhanced” Land Rover Discovery. Project Kahn have changed the front and rear arch spats, front and rear bumper unit, and added a twin mesh grille, side vents, L.E.D running lights. They have changed the ride height by adding lowered sports suspension and added an exhaust system. Tinted glass and innovative 22" RS-R wheels finish off the exterior.

Prior to the Discovery Project Kahn released the Silver Range Rover Autobiography. It has a full Project Kahn body kit consisting of; a new front and rear bumper, front bumper spoiler, front bumper billet rings, side skirts, rear bumper including rear diffuser, quad exhaust system and of course, RS wheels accommodating the original Land Rover centre caps.

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