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New Jeep Compass

by Hettich Sinnett

When we talk about Jeep Series 2011, then we all are well aware of the fact that Jeep Compass is the latest model.
It is considered to be one of the most sophisticated SUVs that anyone can ever dream to own. Its design along with its interior as well as mechanical structure is extra ordinary. It will not be wrong to say that Jeep Compass is a car offering exceptional quality with high performance. It is perfect having some similarities to 2011 Jeep Cherokee. Its physical features are pretty much alluring having new headlight, hood, front fenders and fascia. It is worth mentioning here that this impressive facelift of the jeep creates the most major difference in its features. Its quad reflector headlights offer high output projector lights. Hood is improved with well powered bump that enables the car to project meticulous altitude enabling the capacity of the car to entertain its passengers in every kind of driving conditions as well as in extreme weather situations.

The new jeep Compass has excellent exterior with high edge accessories and outstanding finish. Its exterior is structured so impressive offering attractive appearance. Protective clad added in the jeep is to ensure safety in bad weather conditions. Rear spoiler, new LED lights and rear fascia all take in ideal rear appearance. New set of roofing rails make the car look slender with 17 inch Aluminum wheels or in some cases with an 18 inch Aluminum/ Chrome clad wheels all are beneficial additions in this new model of the car.
If we talk about the interior of the car then no doubt it has many changes. It entertains its owners with padded surface and soft seats allowing ultimate comfort for the users. New steering wheel comes with an in-built control that ensures easy control on radio, hands free phone, cruise controls and video players. This easy access allows the driver to organize other functions while driving. Other new and attractive features are door locks, power mirror controls, new windows and new doors with back lighting doors.

This new jeep Compass is equipped with 4 x 4 off road capacity with freedom to drive. The jeep is also adorned with retuned suspension that ensures high spring and slim chances of damping. Its fuel efficiency is another feature that attracts the people towards it. It is entertaining people with its three driving configurations that include standard Front Wheel Drive System, Freedom Drive I and Freedom Drive II. Freedom drive II enables the car to have four wheels drive system allowing driver to run the car effectively in a smooth manner at its best in any kind of weather condition. It has engine of capacity of 2.0 L offering 158 horse power. It has torque i.e. 141 lb-ft that allows variable transmission to the car to unsurpassed 23 mpg on city drive and 29 mpg on highway drive.
In short, it will not be wrong to say that jeep Compass is a complete package full of surprises for its users.

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